Bufferglucose Clean Label (BCL)



We propose Bufferglucose Clean Label (BCL), which is based on 10 years of scientific research (analysis of bacterial control reports) and has been used in meat processing systems for several years.

BCL is composed of 100% natural fruit, plant and herbal extracts and has a maximum control against outbreak / outgrowth of harmful bacteria such as Listeria, Salmonella, E.coli, Campylobacter etc...

  1. BCL is a first for all fresh meat preparations such as fresh minced meat, bratwurst, hamburgers, fresh meat packaging under protective atmosphere.
  2. It also contributes to an improved colour development in combination with nitrites and nitrates in the production system of cooked ham, fermented products such as salami, etc.
  3. BCL supports strongly colour, taste and flavor.

We would like to inform you that PH Liquid Belgium Nv will be represented at the Fi Europe fair in cooperation with the company Belgosuc Nv. You can find us at booth number 6C20.

The Fi fair takes place from 3 - 5 December in Paris, France.

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